4 reasons to choose Yara as your Animal Nutrition supplier

Animal health and well-being starts with good nutrition. With our Animal Nutrition product range, Yara is committed to providing nutritional solutions for the production of quality food while ensuring the health and welfare of production animal such as pig, poultry and cattle as well as aquatic and pet animals.

1. Quality, reliability, traceability; our promise as a fully integrated manufacturer

Feed mills, integrators, pre-mixers and ultimately farmers across the UK will find from us animal nutrition products and solutions to suit their needs. We are a fully integrated manufacturer that caters for the nutrition of cattle, pigs, poultry in farms but also to aquaculture and for pet foods. Choosing Yara for your animal nutrition needs means:

  • Be assured quality of ingredients, for sustainable animal production
  • Guarantee in terms of reliability
  • Safety and traceability are at the heart of our operations: we provide feed products that support the growth, nutrition and wellbeing of animals.


2. Reliability of supply of animal feed products

At Yara, we control the entire industrial process for animal nutrition products, ensuring high-purity products, naturally low in undesirable substances.

You can be sure of timely, reliable supply to the UK from our production sites supported by our dedicated customer service and logistics team.

Our production network is certified according HACCP, ISO 14001, Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP+, FAMI-QS (Feed urea) and we are presently working on our certificate for GMP.B4.2.

Yara Animal Nutrition is an active member of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), Sector Group Inorganic Feed Phosphates. CEFIC represents European feed producers, supporting a system guaranteeing the chemical and physical composition and the pureness of the feed products. For more information, see www.feedphosphates.org.


3. The best return on your feed investment with high nutritional value for feed efficiency

Being in contact with farmers of cattle, poultry, pigs, we have worked to deliver animal nutrition solutions that bring maximum return our your investment in feed. Given the correlation between the level of animal absorption and the quantity of product needed, we offer inorganic phosphates that are highly digestible.

High digestibility means that a greater proportions of nutrients are absorbed by the animal and not wasted. This lowers the unit cost of a nutrient and also reduces the release of non-absorbed nutrients into the environment.


4. Easy to handle animal nutrition products that are also tasty to cattle, pigs, poultry

It matters to farmers that there is:

  • less dust
  • bags of animal nutrition products are easy to handle.
  • Feed acidifiers from Yara are solid and can be coated, making them easy to handle and mix.
  • Feed grade Urea (sold by Yara under the Rumisan brand) is produced in prill format.

For cattle, pigs and poultry, feeds using MAP, MSP, MGP, MGP+ and Mag33 are tasty and granules, such as Mag33 can be coated to hide any bitter taste.